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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Love's Unending Legacy - Alternative Format, TV Movie

Title: Love’s Unending Legacy
Author: Janette Oke (novel) and Pamela Wallace (teleplay)
Production/Bibliographic Information: <Movie>. Alpine Medien Productions, Larry Levinson Productions, RHI Entertainment; April 7, 2007; 84 mins.
Directed/ Performed by: Mark Griffiths
Part of a Series: Yes, it is #5 in the Love Comes Softly series.
Book tie-in: Based on the novel Love’s Unending Legacy by Janette Oke.
Subject Heading(s):
  • Adoption (AMM)
  • Christian films (AMM)
  • Drama films (PLS)
  • Film adaptations (PLS)
  • Pioneer life (AMM)
  • Single parent (AMM)
  • Western films (PLS)
  • Widow (AMM)
Plot Summary: Missie LaHaye and her son Mattie go to live in her parents’ town of Tettsford Junction after Missie’s husband is killed. Moved by God, Missie decides to adopt a troubled teenage orphan named Belinda, who tests both her faith and her strength. Eventually, Missie is able to show Belinda and her brother Jacob the meaning of love and family with the help of the townspeople and God. At the same time, Missie learns she can move forward in her life and find happiness again while still honoring her late husband. 

Appeal: This is a touching and heartwarming Christian story about moving forward while honoring the past. The movie unfolds at a leisurely pace and is very character driven, focusing on the hardships single parents face. The acting is convincing and the characters prove to be empathetic and inspiring. This story takes place in the mid-late 1800’s and features beautifully rustic scenery. Those who enjoy western novels and/or movies would enjoy the setting of this movie. There is a strong Christian message throughout the movie of faith, perseverance and forgiveness, which would appeal to viewers searching for a religious and moral movie.

Features: This movie comes with a “trailers feature” that allows you to view trailers for the other movies in the series.

Prizes or Awards: It won two Camie Awards for Character and Morality in Entertainment and one Camie nomination for Young Artist in 2008. Camies are awarded to movies with “character and morality” (

Similar Works:  
  • Love's Unfolding Dream: next movie in the Love Comes Softly series (AMM); 
  • Sarah Plain and Tall: pioneer life, adoption, widower, gentle, family-oriented (AMM).
Reviewer’s Name: Ashley Miller

Love's Unending Legacy 

Form adapted from Fiction Annotation Form in Saricks, Joyce G. and Nancy Brown. Readers’ Advisory Service in the Public Library 2nd. Chicago: ALA, 1997.

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