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Monday, January 10, 2011

The Traveling Kind - Romance

Author: Janet Dailey

Title: The Traveling Kind

Publication Date: original printing 1981, reprint 2006

Number of Pages: 192

Part of a Series:  Americana Series

Subject Heading(s): 
  • Cowhands
  • Interpersonal attraction
  • Men/women relations
  • Ranchers, Drifters 
  • Women Ranchers

Geographical Setting/Time Period: Ranch in Idaho, early 1980’s. 

Main Character(s): 
  • Charley Collins – hardworking cowgirl too busy for love;  
  • Shad Russell – cowboy/drifter looking for his next job and a pretty lady to share his bed;  
  • Gary Collins – brother of Charley who is unable to work due to an injury;  
  • Chuck Weatherby – love struck neighbor who is waiting for Charley to settle down.

Plot Summary: A hardworking cowgirl goes looking for a ranch hand when her brother is laid up with an injury. During her search she comes across a handsome cowboy searching for work. As they work together to keep her small ranch going they fall in love and face the heartbreaking reality of the life of a drifting cowboy.

Appeal: A contemporary romance with a character driven story line that is easy to read and follow. The pace of the book is relaxed and the character development is precise and easy to understand. A straight forward look at the ranch setting and the life of a cowboy.

Brief quote: She longed for a glimpse of his averted face as the breeze rumpled his heavy black hair. When he turned his head to meet her look, she felt the throb of tension in the air. It was broken by the powerful drone of an approaching vehicle. They both glanced at the intruder on the scene as an SUV entered the ranch yard. (Page 53)

Prizes or Awards: N/A

Similar Works: 
The Billionaire Drifter by Beverly Bird, 
The Rancher Gets Hitched by Cathie Linz, 
McKettrick’s Luck by Linda Lael Miller

Reviewer's Name: Patricia Lowrey

Janet Dailey Lot of 50 COMPLETE AMERICANA SERIES 1-50! (Americana)

Form adapted from Saricks, Joyce G. and Nancy Brown. Readers= Advisory Service in the Public Library 2nd.  Chicago: ALA, 1997.

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