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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kiss Me While I Sleep - Romance

Author: Linda Howard
Title: Kiss Me While I Sleep
Publication Date: 2004  
Number of Pages: 375
Part of a Series: No

Subject Heading(s):
  • Assassins – Fiction
  • Intelligence officers—Fiction
  • Intelligence service – Fiction
  • Romantic Suspense fiction  
  • United States, Central Intelligence Agency.—Fiction
Geographical Setting/ Time Period: Europe in the Present
Main Character(s): 
  • Lily Mansfield, a hardened, love-starved CIA contract agent out for vengeance.
  • Lucas Swain, handsome hit man with a love of fast flashy cars and a good time.
Plot Summary: CIA contract agent Lily Mansfield has gone rogue to avenge the death of her two closest friends and their 13 year-old-daughter. As Lily plans her vengeance against the dubious Nervi group, she meets up with and falls for CIA agent Lucas Swain, the agent sent to stop her plans. Lily and Lucas are offered an opportunity to take out the Nervi Corporation for good by a mysterious anonymous source. Will they survive?

Appeal: Fast paced story, action oriented. Appeals to women who are looking for an adventure story that involves sex and romance without graphic violence but with some suspense.

Brief quote: 
“The poison was in the Bordeaux that would shortly be served and it was so potent that even half a glass of the wine would be deadly. The manager had gone to extraordinary lengths to procure this wine for Salvatore, but Lily had gone to extraordinary lengths to get her hands on it first, and arrange for it to come to M. Durand’s notice.” (pg. 7)

Prizes or Awards: None

Similar Works:  
Always Time to Die by Elizabeth Lowell –Steamy, Suspense, fast -paced
The Search by Nora Roberts -Romance , suspense.
    Reviewer’s Name: Amanda Hegg

     Kiss Me While I Sleep: A Novel

    Adapted from Saricks, Joyce G. and Nancy Brown. Readers' Advisory Service in the Public Library 2nd. Chicago: ALA, 1997.

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