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Friday, December 24, 2010

Fat Tuesday - Romance

Author:  Sandra Brown  
Title: Fat Tuesday
Publication Date: Original Hardback: 1997, Reissued in paperback: February 2008
Number of Pages: 458 Part of a Series: no

Subject Headings: 
  • bayou
  • criminals
  • Louisiana
  • Mardi Gras
  • murders
  • New Orleans
  • police corruption
  • romance
  • suspense
Geographical Setting/Time Period:  New Orleans, LA, present day

Main Characters:  
  • Burke Basile: troubled policeman
  • Remy Duvall: unhappy trophy wife
  • Pinky Duvall: Remy’s husband, a wealthy criminal defense lawyer with many underworld associations
  • Wayne Bardo: Pinky’s hitman and Basile’s enemy.
Plot Summary:  In a botched drug raid, Basile accidentally kills his friend and partner, Kevin Stewart, who was being used as a human shield by Bardo. Bardo is tried for his role in the death, but Duvall gets him acquitted. Basile vows to get revenge. He kidnaps Duvall’s wife Remy, trying to use her as bait to draw Duvall close enough to kill. Basile and Remy initially dislike each other. He thinks she is a glorified prostitute, and she is afraid of him. During their time together these feelings change dramatically. Remy realizes she must stand up for herself and wishes to escape from Duvall’s control into a loving relationship with Basile. Things come to a head on Mardi Gras night, when secrets are revealed and justice is served.
Appeal: Pace: Quick, lots of dialogue and action, less description. Characterization: The hero shifts from untrustworthy to trustworthy. Hero and heroine’s points of view are both shown. They each have strong personal ethics. The hero is manly—strong, takes action when threatened, and tries to hide his emotions. The heroine is virtuous—religious, wants to do good. Frame: General feeling of uneasiness, uncertainty about characters survival. Gritty descriptions of crime and criminals. Geographical setting is more important at the end, in a creepy bayou and a Mardi Gras costume party. Story Line: Many surprises and plot twists, the sex scenes are not too explicit, not too chaste, the heroine chooses between two very different men.

Brief Quote:  “His malcontent stemmed from the night he’d spent lying next to Remy while upholding his resolve not to touch her. What he’d told her last night was only partially true. If he made love to her, she would hate him. He would be like all the other men, including her husband, who had exploited her. “(p 355)

Prizes or Awards: none

Similar Works:  
  • Remember the Night by Linda Castillo (also takes place in New Orleans
  • Kiss and Tell by Charry Adair (also involves a kidnapping)
  • Cypress Nights by Stella Cameron (also romantic suspense set in New Orleans)
Reviewer’s Name:  Alexis Whitney

Fat Tuesday

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