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Monday, December 13, 2010

Under Her Skin - Romance

Author: Susan Mallery

Title: Under Her Skin

Publication Date: 2009

Number of Pages: 328

Part of a Series: Yes, this is the first book in the “Lone Star Sisters” trilogy. The other titles in the trilogy are Hot on her heels and Lip service.

Subject Heading(s): Romance Fiction; Interpersonal attraction; Sisters; Sibling Rivalry; Texas; Love Stories

Geographical Setting/Time Period: This book is set in present time in High Society Texas.

Main Character(s): Lexi Titan, Izzy Titan, Skye Titan, Jed Titan, Cruz Rodriguez, Garth Duncan

Plot Summary:       Lexi took a loan for $2 million to expand her salon business. When the loan is called in, she has two weeks to come up with the money. Not wanting to admit defeat to her wealthy father, she makes an arrangement with Cruz Rodriguez who makes her a deal. Lexi agrees to fake an engagement with Cruz for 6 months and introduces him to all the wealthy Texas society in exchange for the money. However, they both find that it is more than just a business deal, they fall in love.

Appeal:                  The pace of this book is fast, there is enough mystery and tension between the characters to keep the plot flowing. Since this is the first book of three, Under her Skin focuses on the shared passion between Cruz and Lexi which complicates their perfect deal. The other two books focus on Skye and Izzy, the other two Titan sisters. There are still a lot of unsolved areas of the characters lives and the mystery of whether or not Garth Duncan is able to bring down the Titan fortune is left open.

Brief quote:           “It had never been like this with anyone else. She’d always preferred gentle lovemaking. The familiar, the comfortable. A polite dance to completion. Andrew had once complained she was too much the ice princess in bed. But not with Cruz” (124).

Prizes or Awards:     I did not find any reference to this book winning awards.

Similar Works:       Texas Lucky by Sandra Brown (Contemporary Romance; Western Stories) Durable Goods by Elizabeth Berg (Contemporary Romance; Growing up-Texas) No Bed of Roses by Very Cowie (Contemporary Romances; Women Business Owners; Billionaires; Interpersonal relations). This information was found in the NoveList database on September 13, 2010.

Reviewer’s Name:    Lenore St. John

Under Her Skin (Lone Star Sisters)

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