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Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Cousin's Promise - Romance

Author:  Wanda E. Brunstetter
Title:      A Cousin’s Promise
Publication Date: 2009 
Number of pages: 277
Part of a Series: Yes. Indiana Cousins #01
Subject Heading(s): all from NoveList Plus database          
                                Amish – Indiana
                                Amish women
                                Christian fiction
                                Christian love stories
                                Mate selection for women
                                Men with disabilities
                                Triangles (Interpersonal relations)

Geographical Setting / Time period: Northern Indiana / present-day
Main Character(s):
Lorraine Miller – the protagonist, a twenty-something Amish woman, devoted to her faith, and engaged to Wayne Lambright.
Wayne Lambright – Lorraine’s fiancé who loses his leg in an accident and doubts his faith
Jake Beechy – Lorraine’s ex-boyfriend who returns to the Amish community and causes Lorraine to question her devotion to Wayne.
Plot Summary:
Lorraine, her cousins, and her fiancé, Wayne are involved in a traffic accident and their lives are thrown into upheaval as they struggle to come to terms with the affects of the accident and relationships in their Amish community. Matters are complicated when Lorraine’s ex-boyfriend, Jake, returns to the community.
Character-driven, fast-paced story that is romantic and empathetic and provides many details about life in an Amish community.  Christian references are present and are integral to the characters and the plot, but there is not a great deal of scripture.
Brief quote:
“No, no, I mustn’t think like that, she chided herself.  It would hurt Wayne too much if Jake and I got back together.  Her fingers gripped the reins until they began to ache.  At least, I think Wayne would be hurt.  If he really doesn’t love me anymore, then he might be relieved if I found someone else.” (p. 197)
Prizes or Awards: None
Similar Works:
White Christmas Pie – Wanda Brunstetter
Brides of Lehigh Canal series – Wanda Brunstetter. These are Christian love stories that are character-driven, feature the Amish community, and feature a good deal of dialogue (NoveList Plus)
Reviewer’s Name: Jennifer Lehner

A Cousin's Promise (Indiana Cousins, Book 1)

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