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Friday, December 24, 2010

Fired Up - Romance

Author: Jayne Ann Krenz 
Title: Fired Up
Publication Date: 2009 
Number of Pages: 344
Part of a Series: First book in the Dreamlight Trilogy and also an Arcane Society novel.

Subject Heading(s):
  • Arcane Society
  •  Curses
  • Helpfulness in Women
  • Interpersonal Attraction
  • Men psychics
  • Men/Women relationships
  • Romantic Suspense Novels
  • Suspense Novels
  • Transformations (Magic)
Geographical Setting/ Time Period:
Seattle and Las Vegas, Present Day (alternate universe in which individuals with powerful psychic powers exist).

Main Character(s): 
  • Chloe Harper, a smart, empathetic and independent private investigator with the psychic ability to read dreamlight energy. 
  • Jack Winters, a powerful and brooding business man with the supernatural power of superb strategy.

Plot Summary: Chloe Harper is a private investigator who possesses the ability to read people’s dreamlight, a kind of aura created by dream energy. Jack Winters has inherited the Winters’ family curse and is developing multiple psychic talents that will eventual drive him to madness and death. Jack hires Chloe Harper to find the Burning Lamp, a supernatural artifact created by Jack’s ancestor, Nicholas Winters, to increase psychic powers. Jack and Chloe must find the lamp and use it to reverse the curse before it is too late.

Appeal: fast-paced, suspenseful, dual point of view, character driven, familiar characters, steamy, paranormal, contemporary, playful

Brief quote: “It was as if something inside her recognized Jack Winters in ways she could not explain. Maybe she was simply responding to his own very high level of talent, she thought. Or perhaps it was the darkly fascinating dreamlight she saw in his footprints.” (p. 17)

Prizes or Awards: none.

Similar Works: 
  • Burning Lamp by Amanda Quick (Dreamlight 2), 
  • Midnight Crystal by Jayne Castle (Dreamlight 3), 
  • Second Sight by Amanda Quick (Arcane Society), 
  • Moonglow by Angie Ray, 
  • Kiss and Tell by Cherry Adair. (Recommendations from NoveList)
Reviewer’s Name: Julia McConnell

Fired Up: Book One in the Dreamlight Trilogy

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